Greetings and love to all family all around

For the year 2020 I'n'I have a special series of sessions planned
To celebrate the 5th year since we are Building Soundsystem

It all started long before we, with smaller sessions, way down under the ground where the sunlight never reaches..
But right now, it's time for youths to take over; so we work everyday to keep this most beautiful culture alive!

And right now we have plenty of propper Sound Systems, right here in Bruges shity!
So we will meet with all our brethrin & sistren out of town
One by One in an oldskool love & harmony Meeting with all our brethrin & sistren in a unification style & fashion.
Ca every day we learn & we teach
And now we bring forth all the blessings & all teachings
Different vibes for different tribes xx

Propper Dubwise teachings in the lions den

True spiritual meeting this one!
Sjamanic Soundsystem x Shikoba Soundsystem
Conscious youths in action